Professional Sales Channel

Salezure is a sales channel that works with the most important business area in the whole process - customer acquisition. 

We operate in the B2B and B2C industries with sales, membership acquisition, appointment booking, monthly subscriptions and lead generation, among other things. 

Our customers range from internationally renowned brands and companies to smaller companies looking to add or retain customers. All our customers are united by one thing - the desire to grow. 

We employ a total of more than 60 sales and customer service professionals in four locations: Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm and Malmö, and operate in Finland and Sweden. 

In our offices, we have created an environment that drives sales and results. We utilize the latest technology in the operation of the call center and comply with all the ethical rules of the industry organization's Customer Marketing Association regarding telephone sales and customer service. 

Welcome to Salezure!




Telemarketing is the most commonly used new customer aquisition channel.

Through telemarketing you will have the possibility to target different markets and specific target groups on both B2B and B2C. 

Field Marketing

Field sales works the best with customer focused brands and companies. 

In field sales, we at Salezure have found new techniques on how to reach the right customer at the right exact time on the field. 


With these techniques we have managed to create more profitable and efficient sales process 

Contact Center

With sales oriented customer service, we help your company in contacting customers, receiving feedback and with technical information and support. The goal is to make your customer service profitable instead of expenses.


Sales customer service combines contact center customer service and sales.

Salezure has 8 different channels

Field Marketing
Digital Marketing
Customer Service
Ins!ght data
Event Marketing
Direct Marketing
Social Marketing

Working with us

People create organisations, which is the reason why the people are in the center of everything in Salezure. With your work you will be helped and coached by the best colleagues on daily bases. Your development and wellbeing is our top priority. With us you can work either fulltime or part-time. Read more about working with us through here.


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