Field Marketing

Fieldmarketing is suitable for companies and products for which the customer's personal encounter adds value.


At Salezure, we have found new ways to reach the customer at just the right time, which has increased the sales of our partners and made their processes more efficient.


We meet clients face to face at work or at home depending on the assignment. We also carry out field sales assignments in cooperation with numerous organizations and organizations in public meeting places.


It is possible to carry out field sales as a project in itself or on the side of another sales channel such as telemarketing or digital marketing.


We also arrange customer meetings for companies. We guarantee the result of the agreed appointments if you work according to our previously established operating models. 

Producing a quality result is our top priority in all our projects, regardless of the channel, target group or company. 


When you want to know more about the possibilities with us, contact our CEO.


Hilla Salomaa