What is Salezure?
Salezure is a sales channel that works with the most important business area in the whole process - customer acquisition.

We operate in the B2B and B2C industries with sales, membership acquisition, appointment booking, monthly subscriptions and lead generation, among other things. 

Our customers range from internationally renowned brands and companies to smaller companies looking to add or retain customers. All our customers are united by one thing - the desire to grow.

Our Goals
The goal is always to generate sales growth for our partners without compromising on quality. All of our projects and partners are different, so we also know that duplicating the same old formula for every project doesn’t work.

In our assignments, we take advantage of proven ways and new innovative perspectives to better serve our partners.

We always have the customer in mind from planning projects all the way through when the customer gets the product, service or calendar invitation.

We currently employ a total of more than 60 sales and customer service professionals in four locations: Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm and Malmö, with operations in Finland and Sweden.

Values and Vision
Salezure has no rules, we have values ​​that focus on visions, customers and life. We understand that work is a big part of our lives and that doing meaningful work is the key to a happy life. 


The people around us also make up a large part of our lives, which is why we are focused on having our team made up of carefully selected motivated individuals who want to work with us and represent our partners professionally. 

Turnover in our teams is low and a culture of encouragement and helping is at the heart of our teams. The professionalism and efficiency of our core values ​​are reflected in everything we do.

About us